I've had this domain since 1996ish or so, and for the past few years it's been a place-holder site where I could use webmail and drop off files. I used to have a site 3 years ago, but it was deleted in the great "Backup Restore Over Symbolic Link" disaster of my previous hosting company. I did have a backup, but I didn't feel like uploading it all and tweaking settings. It was easier to just do nothing!

I've recently began to dabble in Digital SLR Photography, so I felt I needed a place to showcase my work, and collect my thoughts. Sometimes these thoughts range from posting configuration wrestling experiences, to corny code prose covering songs from cult musicals. I hope to eventually showcase some photographs.

I also have a few C libraries, of which I've released via GPLv2. They were available via the old site, but I've since been lax in uploading them to the new one. I'll get around to it.

Oh, and yes the logo and photo on the front page are mine. I took them Memorial Weekend 2009 in Manasota Key, FL.

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